Our swords are tools designed for Historical Fencing (HEMA), a martial art where we simulate a singular fight with sharp swords, mainly a duel. So those are not meant to be used as a blunt weapon or with excessive force in a continuous way. This tool is meant to be used with enough strength and intention to be able to incapacitate or terminate the opponent in the assumption we were using a real sharp sword against an unarmoured opponent.

Those wasters and steel blunt swords have been designed to resist long and hard training seasons with strong strikes, but the general conditions of use include the use of a sword with controlled strength and never in an uncontrolled way.

In this way, the nylon waster is conceived to be used only against other nylon wasters, with steel parts correctly maintained so they have smooth and rounded surfaces without notches. In any other case


Nylon wasters contain some steel parts that can oxidize. So it is important to use oil regularly and trying to avoid touching those parts with bare hands. I it also important to avoid water in contact with those steel parts.

Storage should be in a cool and dry room, away from the direct sunlight. Wasters should lie straight and no weight should be applied above them. Nylon can absorb humidity over time, so it is imortant to cover wasters with plastic film when they are not going to be used for a period of time to avoid deterioration.


Warranty will only have validity if you have followed correctly the guide of use and maintenance. Shipping costs derived from a replacement in warranty will be an expense of the consumer.

Based on the previous guides and sentences we can deduce the following:

-Our swords (synthetic and steel versions) are an Historical Fencing (HEMA) training tool, a martial arts practiced with the proper protectors. Every injury produced by training and competition will be a customer responsibility and never a Blackfencer responsibility.

-Using our swords with continuous extreme and uncontrolled force will leave them out of warranty. Our swords are meant to a martial use where a real sharp sword fight or duel is simulated, not a blunt force weapon or a club.

-Damage or loss of shape because of a bad maintenance and/or storage will leave swords out of warranty. Storage will be in a cool and dry place, the waster will lie straight and with no weight from above. Any prolonged storage with a bent sword, with weight above or in a hot and/or wet place will deteriorate sword qualities and will leave it out of warranty. It will be needed to cover wasters with plastic film when they are not going to be used for a period of time. A waster will never loss their straight shape if the storage is correct. Maintaining is part of the customer, pommel and steel parts should be oiled regularly and should not be handled with bare hands. Deterioration due to oxidation will leave wasters out of warranty.

-Notches and small grooves due to general use are considered a part of the normal life of the waster and will be out of warranty.

-Deformations of the guard due to normal use is considered a part of normal life of the sword, because it is part of his design. It is that way because it is preferable that the guard end bend slightly when it receives a really hard impact so it absorb the force than transmit the force to the blade and break it, so the sword would end up useless. It is part of the customer end to straighten the guard if it bends, so it is not part of the warranty.

-synthetic swords are designed and intended to be used with and only with other synthetic swords, they never should be hit against edge steel parts or steel notches, steel surfaces should always be smooth and rounded, never coarsed. Any damage due to this will leave the waster out of warranty.

-Handle cord is out of warranty, and so are  the protector caps from the guards.

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