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1816 Musket with bayonet


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1816 Musket with bayonet <p>Flexibility of Bayonet: Medium/High.</p> <p>Musket length: 146 cm.<br />Musket with Bayonet length: 185 cm.<br />Bayonet length: 43 cm.</p> <p>Detachable Bayonet.</p> <p>Musket Thickness: 25 mm.</p> <p>Weight: 2 kg. Musket with Bayonet.</p> <p></p>

Flexibility of Bayonet: Medium/High.

Musket length: 146 cm.
Musket with Bayonet length: 185 cm.
Bayonet length: 43 cm.

Detachable Bayonet.

Musket Thickness: 25 mm.

Weight: 2 kg. Musket with Bayonet.

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